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Here you can find all things about Stayfocused Pro, User Manuals, Quick Start and FAQ.

Quick Start

1. Download Stayfcoused Pro first, then install it via the setup wizard.

2. After installation, click the Stayfocused icon, it will display today’s task list.

open to-do list

3. Click the Add button on the toolbar to open the Task wizard, enter a task name, choose the related files, applications or Websites. Finally configure its interval and type (Design, Program, Read, Study or Write). Saved Tasks will appear in the Stayfocused window.

4. Click the 'Get Focus button' to trigger a Task and a progress bar with a timer counting down its duration.

to-do list is doing

5. Check the box to close your task when you have completed it.

do-to list is done

User Manual

Click here to download the user's manual.

  • Q: Is the license over PC and Laptop ?
    A: Yes, so far the license is over PC and Laptop.
  • Q: How Stayfocused Pro licensed?
    A: It's a Per-Computer license.
  • Q: How to register Stayfocused Pro?

    A: Click the 'ENTER KEY' button on the below ScreenShot, then enter the Order ID and key on the pop-up form.

    time tracker

  • Q: Is it Compatible with Windows 8?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: What's the different between Basic (Free) and PRO?
    A: The Pro version has lots of features, please check out the feature list at here.
  • Q: How to re-do the completed task?
    A: Click the unchecked icon of the task, then you can re-do it.
  • Q: How do I use breaks?
    A: By the default settings, every 25 minutes Stayfocused shows the tip on the system tray when you doing your task with it.
  • Q: Why the installer told me the file is using when I install the APP?
    A: Make sure Stayfocused is exited from System Tray
    A: If you log in Windows with multiple accounts, please sign out the one running Stayfocused.
  • Q: The APP throws the error "System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.", how to solve it?
    A: Change the customize date format to system's on the setting panel of MS Windows, then it should work fine again.
  • Q: How to update the latest version?
    A: Download the latest version from our website, install it to overwrite the installed files.
  • Q: What are the Pomodoros?
    A: One Pomodoro is composed of 25 minutes, It is used to measure how much productivity you got.
  • Q: What are the interruptions?
    A: When you pause a task, Stayfocused logs an interruption. There are two kinds of interruptions.
    Internal interruptions - These interruptions occur when you yourself are the one who provokes the interruption.
    It is that moment when you feel the urge to get up to eat something or make a call that you suddenly consider
    urgent or check if you have received that email you are waiting for.
    External interruptions - Here you are interrupted by others. This can be very common if you work in a social
    environment and your colleagues are not well educated on how you like to work.
  • Q: Why do you think the Pomodoro Technique is so effective?
    A: Please check out the users answer here.
  • Q: Why Stayfocused updates succeeded, but stops working?
    A:Some users recently told me he/she updates Stayfocused succeeded, but it stops working. We found this problem is in the version, which is brefore 3.6.x. if you still want to update the last version, please follow the below steps.
    • Uninstall the previous one and clear the user data as the below picture figured.
    • Download the last one from and install.
    Now, it should work fine.
  • time tracker
  • Q: Still has questions?
    A: Please contact here