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Create / Edit / Delete / Redo Task Included Included Included
Star task Included Included Included
Launch applications automatically Included Included Included
Launch Websites automatically Included Included Included
Launch Docs / PDF files automatically Included Included Included
Set Reminder Included Included Included
Break Time Reminder Included Included Included
Hide any distracting or unnecessary Windows Included Included Included
Hide Desktop Icons Included Included Included
Statistics and Report Included Included Included
Customize Application Included Included Included
Customize your break time intervals Included Included Included
Exports report to Word / Excel / PDF file Included Included Included
Technical Support Included Included Included
Set unique wallpaper for each task Included Included Included
Add more types of tasks Included Included Included
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Pricing FAQ's

Can I cancel it anytime?

Under the 30-day Money-back guarantee, you will have the opportunity to get your money back at the moment you choose to cancel your service with StayFocused.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, the PRO version has a 14-day free trial. NO SIGN-UP or CREDIT CARD information required. Please click here to download it.

Is the online store safe?

The online ordering is 100% secure! Your transaction is privately and securely handled by DR MyCommerce, Inc. All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured. Our system will automatically send the registration info to your e-mail address once your order is validated.

What are the benefits of PRO?

  • A full license to use the software
  • 3-users license
  • FREE Lifetime Upgrades
  • FREE technical support via e-mail for lifetime

What does 1-user license mean?

A 1-user license means that the license belongs to you and is registered to your order ID. You can install your 1-user license on all of your PC.

What does 3-user license mean?

A 3-user license means that it can be used by up to 3 people. You can send it to your families or friends, they can install it on all of their PC.


S.OLES"Since I'm self-employed staying organized can be difficult. I've tried six or more TO DO programs but the ingenious StayFocused Pro is the one I use now. It works very well, the developer frequently updates and improves it and he has been really great about responding to questions and feature requests."
- Stephen Oles@Seattle, WA

YangYang"Stayfocused is an amazing piece of productivity software. ‎I use it to manage my tasks each day and remind myself to take breaks. I love the ability to hide all unnecessary windows. Windows are hidden but not closed, they can be brought back via a shortcut key. This ability helps me focus on the task at hand. The software is worth it for that feature alone. Another feature I enjoy using is the task report feature. It really helps you grasp how much time you're spending on each task each day. I used it to bring focus to my important tasks and cut out unnecessary ones. Stay focused is continually updated, bring new and improved features.‎ The software is continually improving and I look forward to using it to increase my productivity even more."
- Yang Yang Li

Jerome"Stayfocused allows me to plan all my tasks and meetings, so that I can perform them faster and more efficiently. Besides that, each task can be configured to perform a certain action, like opening a website or a file or changing the desktop wallpaper. Furthermore, a complex report can be generated at any moment, containing information about all the tasks added to the program. Easily plan all my tasks and view detailed reports regarding each one of them."
- Jerome Johnston

Michael"I'm glad I bought Stayfocused. I have a small web design company and like many businesses, sometimes business is very busy and sometimes it's slow. When we're busy, it's important to keep our priorities straight. That's where Stayfoced comes in. It keeps us on-point in our priorities and doesn't allow any of a project's details to slip through the cracks. This helps keep our team from wasting time, and it keeps our clients happy. "
- Michael Lamas

Ester"My computer` s desktop whole was always in memos: «Do not forget...», «Must pay...», «The file into...», «I must be at...», «Wait call from..» and so on! :-)))) Thanks to the Stayfocused Pro! My desktop is now clear and all information in one, comfortable to use, place. Stayfocused Pro calls, it rememebers, it gives me the possibilite to organize all my notes. It is great! Thanks to authors of this great program!"
- Private Business Incorporation "Ester& Partners"

Finally, a smart and elegant solution to getting organized and setting up daily tasks. I'd tried many ToDo and Pomodoro software programs and Stayfocused is the best by far. It allows you group tasks to do today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday which is very useful. You can also filter by day, category, starred, completed etc.
- Jeffrey Morgan